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It's our lucky day  - we found this hot bare ass photo of Jenn Sterger while surfing the web... this ass would get any dude going.  How often does Jenn bartend half naked? Hopefully more often.  Enjoy these other hot Jenn Sterger pics:

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Jenn Sterger Maxim Photo Shoot

We found this hot video of Jenn Sterger doing a photo shoot in her panties for Maxim... this one is a bombshell!  Her fake tits are redonkulous.

Brett Favre Sent Pictures of His Dick to Jenn Sterger

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The Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger scandal is brewing after it was reported by DeadSpin that Favre had sent pictures of his dick to Jet's reporter Jenn Sterger.  So far, neither Jenn nor Brett have commented on the matter, but late night TV show hosts have wasted no time in cracking jokes about Favre's penis.  Jenn is a well known New York Jets gameday host and is very easy on the eyes.  We can't blame Brett for sending pictures of his wang... that's normal behavior, right?

Jenn Sterger Nude