Jenn Sterger was born in November 1983 in Miami, Florida.  She is currently working for the NY Jets as a Gameday host, but has formerly worked as a model and columnist for SI.  Jenn was one of the FSU Cowgirls, and after some TV attention she caught the eye of of thousands.  She has since posed in both Playboy and Maxim, but in 2009 had her breast implants removed having served their purpose.  Jenn Sterger has really captured the spotlight after Jenn caught quarterback Brett Favre's attention.  He began texting her lude pictures of his penis that have recently hit the web.  We predict Jenn will go far in her career!

It's obvious Jenn knows how to pose for the guys; she can be seen posing topless in Maxim and Playboy.  No one here is complaining!  Hopefully Jenn will release a sextape one day with the likes of Brett Favre?  Now that would be some gossip news!

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As far as hot brunette chicks - Jenn is at the top of the list.  She's currently working on two small roles in upcoming films - it will be interesting to see after this Favre scandal what she decides to do next with her recognizable name!

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